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04 Feb

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Everscale has partnered with Moonstake

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Everscale Grants Program (Ex FreeTON) Now Accepting Applications.

02 Dec

Everscale Grants Program Now Accepting Applications

02 Dec

FreeTon Project Rebrands to Everscale as Locked-in Liquidity of Poly-Network, Layer-2 Bridge Exceeds $32 Million.

26 Nov

Everscale Grants, formerly FreeTON, program now accepting applications

25 Nov

Everscale Aiming for DeFi Milestone With Launch of Bridge DAO

19 Nov

FreeTON DeFi Alliance Announces Partnerships with Indian Developer KBA and Blockchain Centre India for the Next Top TON Startup Hackathon.

13 Nov

FreeTON moves forward with rebranding; publicly burns 3 billion TON Crystal tokens.

11 Nov

Free TON Announces Ecosystem Rebrand to Everscale, Strengthening Its Scalability Mission

10 Nov

CoinMarketCap Updates and Verifies TON Crystal Listing; TON Now Among Top 5% of Assets by Market Cap.

05 Nov

FreeTON set to launch groundbreaking Bridge DAO at the end of October.

21 Oct