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About Everscale

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Everscale is a decentralized global blockchain network launched on top of Ever OS on May 7, 2020. Formerly called Free TON, the platform was renamed to Everscale by the decision of its community on November 10, 2021.

Everscale is a new and unique blockchain design that proposes a scalable decentralized world computer paired with a distributed operating system — Ever OS.

Ever OS is capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts and decentralized user interfaces.

Everscale presents a number of new and unique properties, such as dynamic multithreading, a soft majority consensu,s and distributed programming, which enable it to be simultaneously scalable, fast, and secure. It is governed by a decentralized community founded upon meritocratic principles via the Soft Majority Voting protocol.

Everscale has powerful developer tools, such as compilers for Solidity and C++, API, an SDK that includes client libraries for 13 programming languages and all popular platforms, a local node for dApp testing, CLI tools, and a range of decentralized browsers and wallets empowering many applications in DeFi, NFT, tokenization, and governance domains.

Key points


zk-snark protocol

This is one of Everscale's key developments, as zk-snarks, or zero-knowledge proofs, will enable private transactions and launching private chains, which means that commercial institutions and industrial companies can be onboarded.

Ever OS

Lending/borrowing protocol

This protocol is yet another fragment in the DeFi mosaic of Everscale and will make it possible to create more complex financial dApps and unlock a multitude of new use case scenarios for traders and investors. Decentralized loans, Maker-like CDPs, derivatives — all this can be built using the lending/borrowing protocol.

DeFi DeFi Primitives

TIP3 stablecoins expansion

DeFi Stablecoins

Integration with the Cardano ecosystem

We have already built the Adaever bridge with a DEX for swapping ADA tokens for EVER tokens. We plan to enhance this infrastructure to serve as a hub for transferring liquidity from Cardano to other EVM-compatible networks, and of course, some of that liquidity will be locked on Everscale.

Defi Alliances

Lowering network fees by up to 100x Q1 Q2

A small consensus change will decrease fees, making Everscale one of the cheapest networks in terms of transaction costs.

Ever OS

Detailed technical documentation Q1 Q2

Everything that we do serves as a foundation for other developers that are building their projects on top of Everscale. It is thus our duty to prepare documentation on all aspects of the network: SDK, API, smart contracts, etc.

Ever OS

NFT SDK tools Q1 Q2

NFTs are an important part of today's blockchain industry. Successful NFT platforms attract new users and become even more popular than finance dApps. Building a proper SDK for NFTs is a necessary step toward GameFi and metaverses.

DeFi NFT Tools

Transfer to new SMFT consensus >50K TPS

One of the most important goals of the second quarter. The new Soft Majority Fault Tolerance consensus will increase security and allow Everscale to linearly increase performance with more validators.

Ever OS

Industrial tools for formal smart contract verification

These tools will help developers significantly reduce the time needed for security audits and formal verification.

Ever OS

REMP messaging protocol (subsecond optimistic finality)

Ever OS

Gosh Git on-chain Source Holder

Ever OS

Constructor for DAOs


Private workchains

After zk-snark implementation, it will be possible to deploy private workchains on Everscale. This is a fundamental release for the network, as it will give us the opportunity to compete on equal footing with the likes of Hyperledger, Corda or VeChain. Corporations aren't our main focus currently, but to become a worldwide decentralized operations system, we have to provide tools for all kinds of users, including commercial entities.


EVM compatible workchain

Another essential for ensuring our success in the long-run. The majority of dApps are written in Solidity for the EVM environment, the majority of blockchain devs use Solidity for writing smart contracts. Rust is gaining popularity, but having EVM functionality is a big advantage in the blockchain race because we can partner with and onboard many popular dApps working on EVM-compatible blockchains and attract new liquidity.


Decentralized fund management protocols

DeFi DeFi Primitives

Tokenization framework

DeFi DeFi Primitives

SSI pilot

A decentralized identity that can be integrated into dApps.


Integration with Cardano-focused rollups

Rollups are a solution for scaling layer-1 networks in a fast and cost-effective way. As a part of our collaboration with Cardano, we plan to implement integrations with its rollups, which will greatly increase interoperability between the two networks.

DeFi Alliances

Alliance with the Tezos ecosystem

One of the goals of Everscale is to become a hub for other networks. Our alliance with Tezos aligns with this goal.

DeFi Alliances

True NFT improved standard

DeFi NFT Tools

NFT bridge to EVM blockchains

A very complex task, due to differences between various NFT standards, different metadata and storage options. However, when the NFT bridge is launched, it will open the road to building a cross-chain NFT marketplace hosted on Everscale.

DeFi NFT Bridges

GameFi pilots

The first pilots will be modifications of two of the most popular games in the world — Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft. These pilots will showcase the features of GameFi on Everscale, such as land tokenization, in-game real estate and item tokenization, NFT imports, etc.

GameFi / Metaverse GameFi

Metaverse SDK MVP

This product is designed for those who intend to build metaverses on Everscale. It will include a set of tools for implementing the same features that will be demonstrated in our GameFi pilots.

GameFi / Metaverse Metaverse

Dynamic gas fees

The fees will depend on the network load.

Ever OS

D'Elector Smart Contract

Ever OS

Dynamic Slashing Protocol


DAO expansion to different protocols

As a part of our strategy for expanding to other networks, we'll provide a protocol for building Everscale-based DAOs on top of external protocols.

DeFi DeFi Primitives

Fastest order book-based DEX — Flex

There are only one or two DEXs that can be compared to Flex in terms of speed and fees. Order book-based DEXs were previously considered impractical due to performance limitations of the existing smart contracts on other networks, but Everscale's technology is capable of handling a scalable and high-performance order book exchange. FLEX will combine all best practices of decentralized trading with cheap fees and the interface of a CEX.

DeFi Decentralized Limit Order Book Exchange

First Cardano cross-chain projects powered by Everscale

After all the integrations, we're expecting to see new projects using the best features from both networks. We don't plan to limit ourselves only to Cardano partnerships, but it will definitely show the speed and reliability of Everscale.

DeFi Alliances

Block finality optimizations

Following the introduction of Ever OS core protocols, the block finality will be reduced dramatically.

Ever OS

DeNS (Decentralized Name Service)

The filename service of Ever OS, which allows for human-readable addresses on Everscale.

Ever OS

DriveChain (on-chain storage)

Blockchain storage that extends the capabilities of Everscale with native mechanisms to store files and use them in smart contracts.

Ever OS

Direct bridge with BTC

The most important cryptocurrency for financial institutions and a must-have for all DeFi hubs.

DeFi DeFi Primitives

Open derivatives protocol (futures, options)

Another product for traders. Derivatives markets are bigger than spot markets in traditional finance. For our users' comfort, we'll implement them as well.

DeFi DeFi Primitives

Everscale branding page

Here you can find all the information you need about logos, colors, gradients, and even the structure of SMM posts



The Everscale litepaper is written in plain English for laypersons by Mitja and Luca Goroshevsky

v1.0 Updated 10.12.2021


The Everscale whitepaper is written for a precise and thoughtful description of Everscale's technical design
v3.0 Updated 30.11.2021