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Brand Assets

Explore these guidelines when promoting Everscale in marketing communications, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions.


We have various styles for the Everscale logo. Make sure the one you choose creates the right contrast against the logo background.

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Safe zone

A certain amount of space is needed around the logomark to prevent it from becoming cluttered by surrounding artwork, images, or the edge of a page.

Don't add shadows behind the logo
Don't add outlines to the logo
Don't stretch the logo
Don't apply logo in low resolution
Don't use logo as a frame for imagery
Don't place on low contrast colors

Logo don'ts

Here are some things you should never do with the Everscale logomark.

Dark blue

#210FB7 copied
rgb: 33, 15, 183 hex: #210FB7


#6347F5 copied
rgb: 99, 71, 245 hex: #6347F5


#FF6922 copied
rgb: 255, 105, 34 hex: #FF6922

Dark yellow

#FFD688 copied
rgb: 255, 214, 136 hex: #FFD688

Light yellow

#FFFFAE copied
rgb: 255, 255, 174 hex: #FFFFAE

Color palette

The color palette stretches from light yellow to dark blue. It goes from fiery orange to galactic highway, with multiple accent colors to better represent technology, speed and openness to innovation.

Additionally gradient: Dark blue


Primary gradient: Bright


Color gradient

Gradients should be used only as a background for mini-posts and covers. Using this method makes a design clear, readable, and pleasing to the eye.

Guide for SMM posts

Here you can find our guidelines on color and structure for our SMM posts

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